St Davids Gin:'Raven on the Rock' Ramsey Series Mounted Print

'Raven on the Rock' Ramsey Series Mounted Print

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Ramsey Island is an iconic landmark of St Davids life. The legends that surround it, the wildlife that thrives on it and the waters that beat against it all make up the rich tapestry of this magnificent place.

Each piece from the Ramsey Series is inspired by this unique island and has been created as part of our St Davids Gin offering.

Mounted prints are 12 x 16"

A Word On The Raven from Greg Morgan, RSPB Site Manager Ramsey & Grassholm
Raven (Corvus corax)
Length : 60-68cm
Weight: 800-1500g
Wingspan: 120-150cm
Lifespan: up to 20 years
UK breeding population: pairs: 7,400 pairs
Ravens have the oldest association with RSPB Ramsey Island of any of the island's breeding birds. The vikings probably encountered them during raids into Pembrokeshire in the 8th-10th Centuries as they named the island 'Hrafn-ey', old Norse for 'Raven's Isle'. Over time this name morphed into the familiar 'Ramsey' in use today. 
Between 2-4 pairs breed each year on the island's wild cliffs, building a large ramshackle nest from heather branches. Fed on a diet of rabbit and seabird eggs, in a good year up to 4 young will fledge per nest. Pairs can mate for life, using the same nest site year after year.
In autumn, flocks of up to 100 birds gather to take advantage of the glut of grey seal afterbirth as the pupping season gets underway. With an impressive vocal repertoire of 33 call types, the majestic male raven, the 'sentinel', guards the precious territory year round, the skies of Ramsey filled by his tumbling display flight and loud, unmistakable calls announcing the island as his own.


A donation from the sale of each piece from the Ramsey Series and other products will go towards funding projects on and around Ramsey Island that are essential for the continuation of the imperative work carried out by the RSPB.

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For all products sold by St. David’s Distillery, St. David’s Distillery will donate a minimum of £5,000 to RSPB Sales Ltd, which gives all its distributable profits through Gift Aid to the RSPB (charity registration England and Wales no 207076 and Scotland no SC037654).